RFC Squad Profile – MG

Personal Information

Age: 23
Job: Electrician
Outside Interests: The Toffees
Previous Clubs: Wick, East Preston, Pagham


Trainer: From what I’ve seen, Joe Oliver seems the best trainer for me, works hard and is always there.
Quickest: It’s very hard not to give it to myself for obvious reasons, but I’m gonna have to go for Declan Jenkins, always gives me a good race.
Slowest: Josh Irish, do I need to say anymore?
Hardman: Well I’ve heard Joe Oliver is known as Tommy Hatcher when he’s with his red boys so he must have a bit about him. However, John Beaney is the well known club hard man around these parts.
Intelligent: Jack Anderton for me, gets a lot of stick off the lads but he’s probably the only one with a Uni degree and works in medicine.
Dumbest: Quite clearly Regan Miles. Don’t know who’s behind those glasses half of the time.
Worst Dress: Has to be Billy Nash for me, turned up a couple of seasons back with skin tight white jeans and Peter Pan boots on. Shocking.
Joker: Josh Irish fancies himself as the joker I imagine. Always up for a laugh and probably gives it to the Gaffer the most, which is always good.
Teachers Pet: Chris Darwin…… Grass.

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