RFC Squad Profile – JB

Personal Information

Age: 37
Job: Senior IT Change Product Owner
Outside Interests: Food, Travel, Football, Golf, Boxing, TV
Previous Clubs: Littlehampton Town, East Preston, Wick, Arundel


Trainer: Having trained once in around 4 years, it’s a tough one. In that session I smashed the head tennis so I am the stand out best trainer I’d say by a fair distance.
Quickest: Always thought pace was overrated… (because I have none)… unless there is ever a boy born who can swim faster than a shark. That’s impressive.
Slowest: You don’t punish players slow or otherwise for not having pace… if anything they should be rewarded.
Hardman: Carl Bennett. Mild mannered, chilled out on the pitch but a true tough nut at heart.
Intelligent: No comment. But I have completed 3 gold runs on Blockbusters though so…
Dumbest: Darwin, Reggie, Carl. Sessions.
Worst Dress: Anyone under the age of 35 who doesn’t wear a comfortable polo and jeans is terribly dressed in my eyes.
Joker: Jon Tucker. Basically an entertainer first, boss second.
Teachers Pet: Assistant to the manager… Scott Farrell aka Gareth Keenan.

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Landscapes, Cityscapes and Seascapes have become the photographic subjects of choice, as well as the odd urban random shot here and there. Long exposure has become something of a drug, the rewards can be extraordinarily satisfying.