RFC Squad Profile – CB

Personal Information

Age: 29
Job: Pick/Pack Supervisor
Outside Interests: Horse Racing & Eating
Previous Clubs: Wick, East Preston and Arundel


Trainer: Josh Irish. There every week and actually works quite hard
Quickest: Dec. Could have gone far with his pace if he’d not spent most of his time in Bar 10.
Slowest: Krzystof without a doubt. I’ve seen tractors move faster than him.
Hardman: A close call between myself and John Beaney. But Beaney just gets the vote.
Intelligent: Billy Nash seems like an intelligent bloke for someone who fries bacon all day.
Dumbest: Reg. Always sat in the corner with not a clue what’s going on.
Worst Dress: The Gaffer, Jon Tucker. Loves his little salmon polo shirts.
Joker: Again id like to vote for myself but this goes to Josh Irish. Can hear his laugh a mile off.
Teachers Pet: Darwin. Always trying to do The Gaffer’s job for him.

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