RFC Squad Profile – JB2

Personal Information

Age: 27
Job: Builder
Outside Interests: Family man, NEL, Boxing, Golf
Previous Clubs: East Preston, Wick, Worthing Utd


Trainer: Carl Bennett (AKA Iniesta)
Quickest: Declan Jenkins (absolutely rapid)
Slowest: Alex MacIver ( turns like the Titanic)
Hardman: Scott Farrell (rise of the Footsoldier was actually based on his life story
Intelligent: Joe Oliver ( looks like he would do well on the chase)
Dumbest: Can’t pick just one. Not the most intelligent bunch
Worst Dress: Jon Tucker (those shirts)
Joker: Josh Irish (funny guy)
Teachers Pet: Regan Miles (Have you seen the way they look at each other)

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